Sparkle In The Luxe New Fratelli Rossetti Shoe

UnknownSlipping your foot into an Italian Fratelli Rossetti shoe is as delicious as eating bowl of pasta marinara— finely crafted and lined in buttery calfskin, your feet feel pampered. So too is sipping the little known Italian sparkling wine, Franciacorta, which hails from the Province of Bescia in Lombardy— between the southern shore of Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia—all in Italy that is. The wine makes taste buds dance like the tarantella.

Last week the two Italian companies celebrated a friendship—Franciacorta and Fratelli Rossetti are promoting and supporting each other at the New York Flagship on Madison Avenue with a shopping event. A photo booth was set up for insta-posing for social media savvy customers while sipping the bubbly and an exclusive glitter shoe was designed in celebration of the partnership.

The sporty slip-on was influenced by the effervencent wine and mimics the bubbly in its glitter. Just add a pair of jeans and you’re as chic as a Milanese city- dweller. The shoe will set you back $400 but you get a lot of shine for your money while also getting a limited edition Fratelli Rossetti.

Fratelli Rossetti is a family owned shoe company started by Renzo Rosetti Italy in 1953. It is now run by three family members who have kept the original integrity of the hand-crafted leather shoes.They are known for the woven Brera men’s loafer  which is updated from time to time and has become one of the cornerstone’s of the brand. They have 27 boutiques worldwide.

Their style can be defined as classic with a twist— innovative hand-painting and interesting leather treatments make the shoes a perfect melding of comfort, luxury and high design.  The shoes are crafted  with the finest of materials and leather with innovative touches that hit just right note.

The glitter shoe will be available in the Madison Avenue Boutique from the 15th till the 31st of October.

Fratelli Rossetti