MIA: Inside The Design District Minotti Store Opening

Alessandro Minotti, Paolo Nardini, Renato Minotti, Nader Hakakian, Siamak Hakakian, & Roberto Minotti
Alessandro Minotti, Paolo Nardini, Renato Minotti, Nader Hakakian, Siamak Hakakian, & Roberto Minotti

While celebrating 10 years of partnership Minotti and the Hakakian families hosted a cocktail reception in their 4th U.S. store to celebrate its opening in the ever growing Miami Design District. The 10,000 square foot showroom includes more than 500 products art directed by Milanese architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni.

Minotti Furniture 1

Minotti Furniture 2

It accurately showcases the brand’s style and timeless design by displaying some of their latest collections in areas divided by movable wooden panels that help to visually divide one area from another without completely obstructing the view. Guests in attendance walked around each beautifully furnished area and enjoyed several amuse bouches and cocktails made with Miami Club Rum.

Rodolfo Dordoni

In an interview with Dordoni he explained that in his professional opinion there is a lot of bad taste and misguided extravagance in the furniture market at the moment, and emphasized the importance of balance when it comes to design.

“Looking at the moment at the confusion that there is now in the furniture market. And even considering the growing bad taste. I think maybe the way to do something that is not wrong is to be moderated, to no exaggerate,” explained Minotti’s art director since 1997. “To be in line between chic and kitsch it’s a line to stay in line it [takes a lot of balance]. So you have to stay there.”

As for what Minotti is, Dordoni explains that it’s more than just designing the obvious pieces of furniture that will sell, but it’s about an entire Minotti lifestyle. He also spoke of the high quality and exclusivity of the natural fiber materials used to create their made in Italy furniture.

“We try to design a style of life not product. Anytime we design something any year we approach the new collection we are not thinking on a product. We try to think what should be a house?, how people can live in a house?, what they need in a house?” he said. “Fabrics are completely specifically designed for the company, we give the suggestion to the supplier and they develop, following us, the complete collection of new fabric every year.”

To ensure quality, as well as, beautiful furniture Dordoni is involved with every step of the process as Art director from beginning to end. And the whole company dedicated every once of energy into creating the latest collection.

“…you start to think about production, design, advertising. This means the complete life. From the beginning to the end,” He says. “when a collection is ended and it’s finished, it’s finished. All energies we are developing on, putting on developing on the new collection. This means that the new one is a surprise for us too, the new excitement.”

Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 1950s. Renato and Roberto Minotti made the company a nationally and internationally known brand. Architect Rodolfo Dordoni joined the brothers in 1997 because of his similar creative vision and aesthetic principles. Their furniture is made in Italy and emphasis the blend of tradition and technology with excellent craftsmanship. Thanks to in-depth research the company is prepared to build contemporary furniture that is comfortable, reliable and durable. This places Minotti at the forefront of the interior design market.