Haute Spots Boston: Experience A Couture Facial at Mandarin Oriental

Today, the Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston received some exciting news. They are the first location to debut Linda Meredith Skincare in the U.S. with the introduction of her Couture Facial with Oxygen.

Linda MeredithPhoto Credit: Mandarin Oriental

The one-hour treatment is designed to address specific skin issues and features the ultimate deep cleanse using micro glycolic serums that have an antibacterial effect to reduce breakouts, firm the skin and soften fine lines. When you meet with the therapist, they will offer a detailed consultation to identify problem areas. The facial includes a steam and extraction process to remove impurities; a micro peel serum is then applied to clean above and below the skin’s surface. A relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage completes the treatment, releasing natural nutrients that hydrate the skin.

“Because of today’s busy lifestyle, the key to great skin is hydration,” said Meredith, who was recently in Boston to launch her treatments. “We live in a crazy fast world and have lost our ability to listen to our bodies. Everything we eat affects the skin and stress also affects the skin. The skin is affected by chemicals and toxins that surround our everyday lives, especially when it comes to our diets. My products focus on hydration, anti-aging and are designed to deal with any skin issues.”

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, BostonPhoto Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Boston

Linda Meredith’s product range is designed for layering and works to feed the skin with natural ingredients that hydrate at the deepest levels to slow the ageing process. The facial starts off with a double cleanse to clean the skin’s surface. She uses a gel to absorb into the skin and clean beneath the skin, which goes deeper than just the surface.

Meredith does not use toners, but instead sprays the face with a hydrating mist with scents of essential oils. To remove any blackheads, she then steams the face for five minutes with product to hydrate and plump the skin. From there, she performs a natural micro peel and applies a mask to push the product into the skin on a deeper level. While the product is absorbing into the skin, she offers a back and neck massage. Once the mask is removed, she applies an eye gel and day cream. Add-ons of oxygen and collagen can also be applied. The result? You will see an immediate difference in the skin with reduced fine lines and increased hydration.

Meredith, who hails from England and is known as the “Queen of Facials,” has worked with an impressive star studded list of celebrity clients over her 40 years, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston will offer two facial treatments (the Couture Facialand and the Couture Facial with Oxygen) at the Boston location beginning tomorrow. (Her facials are debuted at the Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona and the Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park London earlier this spring).