MIA: Full Bloom Offers Up Gourmet Vegan Fare in Belle Isle

Full Bloom Indoor Warm Shot

Unexpectedly hidden away in a condo building on Belle Isle with spectacular views of the bay and the city, is a new gourmet vegan food restaurant, Full Bloom. The locale founded by three Italians Alessandro FaranaOmar Barberini, and Nicola Dominici serves an all vegan menu made with organic ingredients from local farms and small distribution companies. It was created by the 30-Minute Vegan cookbook author and Vegan Fusion chef Mark Reinfeld, who has written several books on vegan cuisine, and is served in an intimate dining room with a view.

Full Bloom wasabi ginger paté nori rolls with mango chili sauce

It’s the first restaurant of its kind in Miami Beach with the idea of bringing vegan dining to a new level with fresh and creative plates that are inspired by different types of cuisine from French, Italian, Spanish and even Thai. Some of their eclectic dishes include wasabi ginger paté nori rolls with mango chili sauce, raw moo shu vegetables with cauliflower rice and escar-no-truffled shallots stuffed mushroom. All their wine is vegan and there are also delightfully unique cocktails like the guava-rita, which is made with tequila, guava nectar and smoked paprika.

Full Bloom Dish

Full Bloom isn’t just for vegans, there are many intriguing dishes that stand on their own despite the fact that they don’t have any animal products. It can’t hurt to get introduced to a new lifestyle of eating animal-caring, health conscious food which is unfamiliar to so many in Miami.

Vegan Fusion which was co-founded by Reinfeld and is a partner of the restaurant strives to promote the benefits of vegan cuisine for one’s health, as well as, the preservation of our planet through cookbooks, workshops, culinary tours and much more. Their products and services have been endorsed by celebrities like Pierce Brosnan and Deepak Chopra.