Dr. Maercks’ Philosophy on Plastic Surgery

Dr. Maerck Blog Photo

The services offered by Dr. Rian A. Maercks, a plastic surgeon and medical director of the Maercks Institute Miami, are anything but typical. As an artist at his craft, he incorporates his fine arts knowledge, aesthetic training and philosophy of histiocentricity into his work.

Histiocentricity, according to the doctor’s website is, “Precise surgery maintaining minimal tissue invasiveness with thoughtful design to maximize results and minimize swelling, complications and recovery.” Using this very specific way of thinking, Maercks has created several techniques to support this idea. The doctor also takes the time to carefully understand his patients’s needs, making recommendations that are the best for unique situations and often avoiding the most conventional or obvious choices.

“I lean heavily on my fine arts and aesthetic training in every bespoke intervention I perform, to create an untouched made-by-nature appearance,” said Dr. Maercks. His internationally recognized concept and technique called Aesthetic Facial Balancing brings fillers to a new level by making the placement of Hyaluronic acid a true art form.

“I do not target focal features such as wrinkle or folds, but rather rebalance the facial features to work together harmoniously. This results in an incredible perception of youth, happiness and health without stigmata of intervention,” he explained.

You can also get untouched and made-by-nature results with the Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation, Maercks’s technique that leaves the female form not only gorgeous, but scarless. The breast procedures can be achieved without an implant, but if one is required, teardrop shaped implants will be used, so a natural look can be achieved.

Besides work on the face and breast the Maercks Institute also offers mommy makeovers, genital aesthetics and sexual enhancement procedures.

Mommy makeovers involve a combination of specific procedures dependent on the patients physical health needs and desires. This could include breast lift or augmentation, lingerie-scar abdominoplasty, liposculpting, Aesthetic Facial Balancing, and MACIE labiaplasty with vaginoplasty and G-spot enhancement.

In the end, Dr. Maercks’s goal and that of those who work at the Maercks Institute in Miami is to improve the self esteem of others through their physical appearance in a seemingly natural way.