A New Kind of Floral Delivery Service Arrives In NYC


Olyve Gwen Bouquet

The doorbell rings and its a flower delivery but this box of florals is different than the run of the mill. A 15 by 15 festively decorated box with is put in your waiting hands  ready for the reveal. A drawer slides out to show the bouquet in a painted vase holding perfectly bloomed flowers which remain upright and secrue. A box of artfully designed chocolates ( byChristopher Elbow Chocolates) sits beside the blooms with delicious ganaches including Orange Blossom Almond, Creme Brulee, Lavender Vanilla and Mango Ginger. Both are secured in place with their own sectioned place holder.

The company is called Olyve.com which is the brainchild of Addie Flynn a veteran of the internet and of floral design. The site launched in Miami a month ago and now is launching in the Big Apple with Los Angeles as their next city to conquer.

The large box allows the recipient to carry the flowers home and the sender gets a  photo of the exact arrangement when it is on its way to the happy receiver. Forget that note that the florist always gets wrong, they offer a video messaging option so you can say your message in your own voice to your loved one. The company calls it the 360 approach with updates in sending status via e mail and photos provided throughout the process. Olyve will have a different collection every season—like fashion their blooms trend in and out.

People have been known to do some interesting uses for the turquoise patterned box like use it as a little side table or for storage.

Some of the names of the different arrangements are “The People Pleaser” “Sweeter Than Sugar” “Life Of The Party” and “Classic With a Twist”