The 5 Hautest Hot Chocolates In NYC

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean your drinks have to be. Here are the 5 hautest hot chocolates in NYC.



Sometimes the best part of hot chocolate is the extra treats that come with it. In this case, the two-type of chocolate hot chocolate has some excellent supporting stars. These come in the form of a torched marshmallow on top and a brown-butter chocolate chip cookie on the side. Which is obviously meant for serious dipping purposes. L’Apicio just knows how to make that little extra go a mile with this decadent East Village hot chocolate.
13 East First Street



If you like your hot chocolate to be rich in every sense, head to MarieBelle in Soho. Through the shop filled with chocolate treats, you will make your way to the back bar. Among the antique furnishings and crystal lights of their Cocoa Bar, you will find their decadent Aztec Hot Chocolate. Which if you’re feeling hot, can be served as an Aztec iced chocolate. Their hot chocolate offerings range from 60-80% cocoa content. MarieBelle is known for creating interesting combinations of spicy hot chocolates, white chocolate and hazelnut milk varieties. Don’t miss out.
484 Broome St

Jacque Torres Chocolate


The Mr.Chocolate of Manhattan has created a libation that has cemented itself as the gold standard for hot chocolates around the city. Jacque Torres, the mastermind behind it all, built a brick warehouse on Brooklyn’s waterfront into a chocolate factory. Yes, he is the real-life Willy Wonka. Here the varieties are endless and the chocolate is limitless. After all, Torres does have his own factory.
66 Water Street, Brooklyn



Perhaps the most traditional hot chocolate of the bunch; Nunu’s knows that sometimes the best things are the most simple. Their Brooklyn café is as warm as the hot chocolate served in it. Dark chocolate shavings are immersed into steamed and foamed milk and topped with beautifully simple shavings and cream for a delicious hot drink. It’s bitter and sweet at the same time, but if you are feeling spicy, you should go for their chili heat offering.
529 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn



The two best things in the world come to play in this hot chocolate for a truly exceptional beverage. Enter Nutella and alchohol. Yann de Rochefort’s Boqueria in Lenox Hill is serving up a seriously chocolaty drink. It’s simple and delicious with two tablespoons of Nutella and a slightly nutty brandy. Next time you’re in the mood for a hot chocolate with extra benefits, head to Boqueria.
53 W 19th St