Why Zoological Wildlife Foundation is One of Miami’s Top Attractions

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a dream come true for both kids and grown ups that are animal lovers. It’s here that the public can get up close and personal with animals like, baby tigers, camels, gibbons, and sloths. Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an organization that’s committed to educating the public about rare and endangered animal species in captivity and in the wild.

Mario Tabraue serves as the president and director of ZWF, while his wife Maria Tabraue serves as the vice president and director. Together they purchased five acres of land more than ten years ago. Their passion towards animals, and animal conservation and care inspired them to form a staff that was as committed, dedicated, and as passionate as they were. Alongside the staff, the Tabraues were able to create a habitat suited for the endangered and rare creatures they look after for conservation and breeding. From domestic animals and primates, to large predatory birds and mammals, there are a plethora of exotic species at ZWF.

Maria Tabraue
Maria Tabraue

ZWF has been accredited by the Zoological Wildlife Association of America as a zoo, but it is not your average zoo. ZWF helps injured animals, breeds endangered species in captivity, and rescues animals from being terminated or from being raised to be hunted. One of the many things that makes ZWF stand out, are the personal and private encounters offered by the facility. Private tours are offered on a daily basis and must be booked in advanced by appointment.

Tabraue explains, “We believe that our up close and personal approach to wildlife encounters is very different from other facilities. It’s one thing to be an observer, viewing wildlife hands off and from a distance. It’s a very different experience to see animals right in front of you, to feel a toucan’s feathers graze your shoulder, to hold a “fur baby” in your arms, to learn from a knowledgeable guide what makes an animal unique. This is what reveals our animal ambassadors as real, living, breathing creatures – ones that our guests won’t forget when they leave.”
Zoological Wildlife Foundation tours allow visitors to interact with animals in fun and unique ways. Here are a few tours ZWF offers:

General Wildlife Encounter
Visitors get tooter the five-acre facility and will get the chance to see and even meet and hold exotic animals. From toucans, to gibbons and capuchin monkeys, visitors will see it all on this one hour standard tour.

Black Jaguar Encounter
Includes the one hour standard tour, hands on interactions with some wildlife, and a 10 minute session with Onyx, the black jaguar.

Sloth Encounter
Includes the one hour standard tour, hands on interactions with some wildlife, and a five minute petting session with the sloth.

Special Wildlife Encounter
Three hour tour, which includes a combination of general wildlife encounters, primate encounters, and baby feline encounters.
For additional information regarding Zoological Wildlife Foundation and for a full list of tours and prices, please visit zoologicalwildlifefoundation.com
16225 SW 172nd Ave, Miami, FL 33187