What You Need To Know About Camel Milk Ice Cream

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing. In Dubai they are taking this happiness to the next level with camel milk ice cream.


The world’s first mass market camel milk ice cream was recently launched in Dubai by Al Ain Dairy. While camel milk is not new, it is the first time it has been produced on such a large scale for supermarket customers. The delicious treat is already in a number of supermarkets in the UAE, and is going to be exported to stores around Europe and North America.

The unique creation cannot be distinguished in taste from regular cow’s milk ice cream. They are identical in taste. Al Ain Dairy has created six Arabian inspired flavors including date, saffron, cardamom, chocolate, caramel and raspberry vanilla. However the Camelait brand ice cream does not come cheap. Camel milk has increased health benefits including three times the around of vitamin C compared t cow milk and is beneficial to diabetics because of its high insulin levels. Furthermore it is an alternative for those with lactose intolerance and has an average of 2.5% fat, which is less than cow milk.

“This is a premium product, which forces us to raise the price,” says Shashi Kumar Menon, the chief executive of Al Ain Dairy. “The demand for camel milk is also driven by Emiratis and Arab expatriates, so we are targeting that segment.”

Other than Al Ain Dairy, camel milk ice cream is coming out in many cafes across the UAE. The Majlis Dubai is a gourmet camel milk café with a lavish and modern atmosphere. Not only can you enjoy camel milk ice cream here, but they also have camel milk muffins, eclairs and chocolates. Another eatery worth mentioning is Camel Cookies found in the Khalidiya District. Here you can try double chocolate, red velvet, Arabian coffee and marshmallow camel milk cookies. The struggle is not real. Next time you are in the mood for something sweet, do yourself a favor and try a camel milk treat.