Miami: Sense Beach House To Celebrate the Stars with a Rooftop Soirée at Midnight

Sense Beach House - toast

On the evening of Wednesday, August 12th, the world will be blessed with one of Mother Nature’s most enchanting natural wonders: the Perseids meteor shower. And to celebrate this awe-inspiring show the best way Miami knows how, the boutique Sense Beach House will host a midnight soirée on its idyllic rooftop oasis.

Considered the largest meteor shower of the year, Perseids is named after the constellation Perseus, from which the meteors are believed to fall, and takes place each year around August, when the earth passes through a cloud of Perseids debris. Tucked in the corner of Ocean Drive and 4th Street, away from the hustle and bustle of South Beach city lights, Sense Beach House is poised to be the perfect spot to watch Perseids’ glimmering stars; a view that stargazers across the globe will surely be raving about.

And what’s a celebration without champagne? As if the night won’t be magical enough, come early and make it a party. To keep the night young, the friendly team at Sense Beach House will be serving champagne from midnight to 2 AM.

Sense Beach House is located at 400 Ocean Drive. To make a reservation for tonight’s event, click here.