Inside The Life Of A Las Vegas VIP Party Host

Las Vegas is the land of the free-spirited, and home of the hedonists. There are a lucky few who inhabit this town as know-it-all VIP Party Hosts, and you won’t believe what they get themselves into.

All of the top casinos and resorts on the strip offer a VIP Party Hosts to high-paying visitors. What this really means is guests who are willing to play their fair share at casino games. Depending on the extent to which the client plays, they are given this VIP Party Host who will act as a mix between a party planner, fixer, entourage member and assistant.

The job often entails hosting celebrities, athletes and business tycoons. Their treatment is decided on how much cash they throw down at the playing tables. A $50K player will be provided a room or suite and a limo, but million dollar players will get a villa and private jet. All is fair in war and Las Vegas. The hosts job is to ensure all of this is arranged; and more. They have to be the guy who knows everyone, someone who can get the best tables at clubs, front row ticket to shows and organize all-star dinners. These extravagant tables and dinners can run over hundreds of thousands of dollars. In many cases the Party Host pays for these luxuries with an extensive company card the casinos give them. Guests want to feel like they are living that Vegas rock-star lifestyle, and whether they are rock-stars or not, they don’t expect to pick up their own tabs.

As a Vegas VIP Party Host you will often come across some strange requests. It is no surprise to these hosts when they have to order escorts, dress up in costumes and party until 8am. All of these oddities are made worth it with impressive bonuses. A VIP Party House can easily rake in over $100K a year. Not a bad number for a job that largely entails partying with famous celebrities.