Haute Secrets: Aprons & Hammers

aprons & hammers

Aprons & Hammers has three locations in Dubai, but the one that’s perhaps off the beaten track a bit is the location at Dubai International Marine Club at Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. The Beach Mall location at Jumeirah Beach Residence and the downtown location on Sheikh Bin Rashid Boulevard are great for family-friendly dining as they do not serve alcohol, but the one at the marina does serve alcohol and is unique because it’s located on a historic dhow.

aprons & hammers
Step off the pier and onto a dhow for a charming dinner experience at Aprons & Hammers down at the marina.

Photo Credit: Aprons & Hammers

The atmosphere tends to be a bit laid-back, and the dhow offers some stunning views of the Dubai Marina on the lower deck. There’s also an upper deck where dining is available seasonally. But that’s not the only reason the dining experience at Aprons & Hammers is unusual. When you climb onboard the dhow, you’re handed an apron and hammer, giving you an immediate understanding of where the Aprons & Hammers name comes from.

Of course the apron is to protect your clothing, as digging into fresh crab or lobster can be quite messy—especially if done right. And the hammer is to help you tuck into the fresh seafood by cracking and smashing your way through the shells.

Aprons & Hammers is known for serving up generous portions of freshly caught seafood. Their chefs keep quiet on their secret recipes, other than to say they use their own signature marinades and herb mixes. Among the super-fresh items on the menu are jumbo shrimp in addition to crab and lobster, plus whatever the fishermen happened to catch on the day you’re there.

The main event is the restaurant’s buckets, with diners able to choose from a crab bucket, shrimp bucket, and grilled jumbo shrimp bucket. There’s also a grilled lobster platter because of course lobster doesn’t fit into buckets very well.

Starters at Aprons & Hammers also include calamari, clams, crab cakes, seafood soup, and of course clam chowder. Other popular dishes include the Aprons & Hammers Paella, and even a grilled chicken breast or vegetarian pasta for the non-seafood diner who’s accompanying one or more seafood lovers.