Haute 100 MIA: Riccardo Silva’s Soccer Club Unveils Official Logo

Ricardo Silva in his downtown Miami office.
Riccardo Silva in his downtown Miami office.

The highly anticipated soccer club the Miami Football Club (Miami FC) unveiled its official badge and seal taking one step closer to its inaugural season.

The badge is designed in the shape of a shield coupled with the colors orange, blue and a hint of aqua. The colors were selected to depict Miami’s pulsating culture. Orange was chosen to symbolize the adventurous spirit of the city of Miami’s and its picturesque sunset setting over its horizon. The blue base is reminiscent of Miami’s skies. Finally, aqua pays homage to the vast oceans—Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay— that surround Miami’s coasts.

The base of the badge features swirls, which the soccer club hopes to convey the sway of a palm trees’ branches lining the Miami streets. The ball-styled globe symbolizes the team’s commitment to soccer.

In a press release Antonio Barreto, CEO of MIAMI FC, said, “Our mission with MIAMI FC is to connect with Miami’s communities through the global language of soccer. We wanted to make sure the badge and seal drew inspiration from the distinctive character that makes the city great, and we also wanted to create something that was truly representative of Miami’s dynamic spirit.”

The soccer club recently announced it will join the North American Soccer League (NASL). Miami FC will commence its inaugural season April 2016.

As Miami’s only official soccer club, Miami FC will compete in the U.S. Open Cup and will host international tournaments and matches in Miami. Currently, there are no official soccer stadiums in the Magic City. The league will play its home games in one of the many existing stadiums.

International entrepreneur Riccardo Silva and world-renowned soccer superstar Paolo Maldini have teamed up as co-owners to launch Miami FC. Its mission is to connect with Miami’s communities through the global language of soccer, strengthening their ties by promoting social-driven initiatives and charitable work through soccer, as stated on its site.

Below is the logo.



(Featured photo via Instagram)