Harley Pasternak: Celeb Trainer Turned Luxury Hotel Expert

Harley Pasternak
If there is one thing personal trainer Harley Pasternak and luxury hotel line the Four Seasons has in common, it’s their ability to cater to their high-end clientele. So, it made sense when the two parked up in a business venture. As someone who has worked to craft some of Hollywood’s best bodies like Rihanna and Jessica Simpson, Harley has also developed home gyms aimed at getting the most use out of little equipment in a short amount of time. Hotels have a similar problem with wanting to provide top-notch machines and gear in an often-limited space.

“I always have client you say they’d love to have my gym at home,” Harley tells Haute Living. “So, I started building home gyms for people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye and now I’m helping the Four Seasons develop their fitness spaces around the world.”
Harley Pasternak workout
Never expecting “hotel expert” would be something on his resume, Harley admits that this partnership and project has “been super exciting.” He adds, “I started as a personal trainer, then took on celebrity clients, then became an author, a video game designer and she designer and now I get to help create one of my favorite hotel’s fitness space.”

But, he not creating you ordinary hotel gym. These spaces are the epitome of luxury and functionality to please the clientele using them. “First and foremost you have to create something that will please the demographic,” Harley notes. “They’re tastemakers. When you do the gym for Adam Levin, Behati Prinsloo, and Tobey Maguire, you have to know they’re ahead of the curve. I don’t just look at 24-Hour Fitness and put that in Spiderman’s house. I ask what’s the cutting edge? How are things going? How do I give them something special? They surround themselves with the best of the best and those are the kind of people staying at the Four Seasons.”
Harley Pasternak celeb
Using celebrity homes as his “mini test sites” and going on tour with stars like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, Harley has figured out exactly what works best in a 5-star hotel space. “These guests need to have the tools to continue with the program they have at home,” he says. “While ┬ámost hotels will throw together a bunch of machines from one company we are going to a variety of places to get the best piece of equipment in each category that not only looks cool, but is also biomechanically beneficial. We’re going to have an all-star team of equipment. “This gives me an opportunity to design the fitness experience I want and what I want for my clients.”

While his frist project is the Four Seasons Beverly Hills residences, Harley is planning on consulting on a variety of properties working with some of the top interior designers, equipment makers, and even speaker companies in the world. “What makes the partnership really exciting for me is that they were the first hotel health club ever,” he concludes. “For me to have my imprint on that is incredible.”