5 Haute New Dubai Restaurants To Try

new dubai restaurants

The Dubai dining scene is alive and well with new restaurants being added weekly. Here’s a look at five new Dubai restaurants catering to the high-end crowd: Coya, Se Fu, La Residence, Tre by Roberto Rella, and Per Te.

Sea Fu at Four Seasons Dubai

new dubai restaurants
Whether dining indoors or outdoors, Sea Fu’s offerings are sure to delight.

Photo Credit: Four Seasons

If you have a taste for seafood, one of the new Dubai restaurants you’ve got to try is Sea Fu, one of the new Dubai restaurants at Four Seasons at Jumeirah Beach. The menu consists of modern seafood dishes like black cod, blue prawn tartare, and lobster macaroni. There are also plenty of high-end dishes like the foie gras with abalone. Situated right on the beach, Sea Fu offers both indoor and outdoor dining. If you choose to dine outside, there’s a fabulous lounge with a fire pit where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Per Te Restaurant

new dubai restaurants
Per Te is located in a residential neighborhood off the beaten path.

Photo Credit: Per Te

Another new Dubai restaurant in Jumeirah is Per Te Restaurant. Not only is the food high-end, but the main highlight from the menu is gluten free pasta. Among the offerings are frutti di mare with fresh mussels, calamari, and prawns and pomodorini e basilica.

La Residence Restaurant & Lounge

new dubai restaurants
La Residence is one of many new Dubai restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs.

Photo Credit: La Residence

Michelin-starred chef Frederic Vardon heads up La Residence, a new French restaurant at Raffles. Diners will enjoy classic French cooking with a menu that follows France’s seasonality. There’s a variety of seafood dishes on the menu, which combines cosmopolitan ideas with classic techniques. La Residence has paid very close attention to detail with custom-made features in the décor, like the table top equipment which was designed specifically for the restaurant by Pierre Tachon.

Coya Dubai

new dubai restaurants
Coya is a rather unique entry into the Dubai restaurant scene.

Photo Credit: Coya Restaurant

Dubai is known for offering a wide array of cuisines, and Coya is the perfect addition to the city’s eclectic dining scene. Of all the new Dubai restaurants, this may be one of the more unusual because it combines the heritage of the ancient Incan civilization with today’s Latin American lifestyle and traditional Peruvian cooking. Among the menu offerings are corvine trufa, ensalada peruana, and ceviche de lubina clasico.

There’s also the fabulous Pisco Lounge, which will transport you back in time to Lima’s oldest bars.

Tre by Roberto Rella

new dubai restaurants
Be sure to dress appropriately when you dine at Tre; the dress code is rather strict.

Photo Credit: Tre

And finally, we have celebrity chef Roberto Rella’s latest addition to Dubai’s restaurant scene. Tre is the chef’s third Italian restaurant in Dubai, and it spans three floors at the Radisson Royal Hotel. One floor holds the dining room and a pair of small bars, while the second holds a lounge with a DJ and the third is a smaller, more intimate lounge which feels a bit like a gentleman’s club.