Buy This Luxury Villa On Dubai’s Sweden Island For $15 Million

Dubai figured that living in one world wasn’t enough, so they decided building a new one was a necessary course of action. In our world, in the middle of the ocean, now exists an island called The World. Emphasis on the word “world” is noted. Tongue twister also noted.

The collection of 300 private manmade islands sit just off the coast of Dubai. Imagined by Nakheel developers, the islands are shaped like continents creating an almost perfect replica of a world map. While the project has been underway for a while, only recently have people began to claim their countries and develop the land. The newest properties on The World Project’s market belong to Sweden’s island, where sales for new luxury villas will be launched this week. For a cool $15 million, one of these Bentley Home furnished mansions could be yours.


These high-end abodes will range in styles curated by Bentley. From handmade furniture to extravagant materials and ‘high-quality finishes that are synonymous with Bentley car interiors.’ Each property is around 21,168 square feet and will be ready for residents in the last quarter of 2016.

Even though these villas aren’t ready to move in yet, the Kleindienst Group already has plans to build underwater villas next. The project would create 42 Floating Seahorses, which will be a cross between a villa and a boa with one underwater floor. These will be the first of their kind in the world and on The World. The Floating Seahorses will have three levels with master bedroom and bathrooms fully submerged. So while you take a nap or relax in the tub you will have surrounded by coral reef and marine life. Not big deal.