5 NYC Businesses That Are Saving The Planet

It has never been so important to make eco-conscious decisions. These are a few of the incredible businesses making it their mission to give New York citizens a smarter choice for them and the planet.

The Ink 48 Hotel


The Ink 48 Hotel has a truly sincere commitment to creating a sustainable environment. The boutique-style hotel innovates with forward-thinking eco-friendly features. The Ink 48 Hotel embodies this necessary movement in every detail. Expect recycling bins in every room, organic snack and beverage options, a towel reuse program, fair-trade coffee, effective low flow toilets and eco-friendly bath amenities. They accomplished all of this while maintaining the highest standards of luxury and comfort. Next time you’re in the market for a hotel room, think green and stay at The Ink 48 Hotel.

Siggy’s Good Food


This small Brooklyn café is setting the bar high for organic eateries. They put forward their belief that ‘pure, good food plays a vital and significant role in our lives, promoting physical and emotional well-being.’ They make sure their produce is 100% organic meaning it is delicious and nutritious, there were no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, no growth or breeding hormones, no antibiotics and no GMOs. Siggys Good Food manages to do all of this and bring incredible eats to your plate. They buy all of their ingredients locally to support organic farmers and make sure your food is fresh. Real good eats at real good prices. Their wild salmon burger is to die for.

Brooklyn Grange


Brooklyn Grange is an amazing place. They are the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the entire country. They run the world’s largest rooftop soil farms that can be found on two roofs in the city. Each year they create more than 50,000 lbs. of organically cultivated produce. If you’re interested in turning any of your spaces green, Brooklyn Grange is here to save the day.. and the planet. They offer consulting and installation services to make this eco-friendly process seamless. What’s more is they offer amazing yoga classes right on their roof. This way you can connect with the earth while doing your part to save it. Regardless of whether environmental issues are important to you, it’s still a great place to get a good workout and enjoy panoramic views of Manhattan.



This New York based, eco-friendly company is taking the fashion industry by storm. Their beautiful clothes began with a beautiful mission that makes their pieces so special to wear. ‘Quality is defined by more than how long your t-shirt lasts. It’s about the health of the farmer growing the cotton, the health of their community and all the communities who contribute to making this product. Quality is about sustainability. Sustainability starts with organic cotton.’ Choosing to produce organic cotton comes with many sustainable benefits. It provides soil security, organic food potential and more. They create classic wardrobe pieces that everyone needs in their closet. Next time you need some retail therapy, shop organic.

Bottega Organica


Buying beauty products that are natural and organic are not only better for the planet, but also better for you. Bottega Organica believes in using science to enhance their organic skincare products. All of their formulas are designed to nurture your skin. This means looking younger for longer. You will never find preservatives, artificial fragrances or emulsifiers in any of their lines. Bottega Organica now boasts pure botanical formulas that are 100% natural. Their ingredients are harvested in their farms in Italy and upstate New York. If you have the opportunity to make an eco-friendly choice that works better than the non-environmentally friendly option, it will save you and the planet a lot of trouble.