27 New Private Schools Will Open In Dubai By 2016

Beyond Dubai’s growth as an international hub for finance, fashion and food it has also upped the ante on the education front. The city will gain 27 new private schools by September 2016.


The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai just announced that more than 63,000 seats will be available in Dubai by next fall. Just in time for the academic year to commence. The booming city is already home to 169 private schools providing education to an impressive 255,208 students. The addition of 27 new schools will fulfill a goal of having 360,000 seats by 2020. The opening of these new schools will also save a lot of parents the trouble of waitlists and seat shortages. Currently 87% of the total occupancy available in private schools in Dubai is filled. The percentage continues to increase and shows a clear demand for the addition of these new schools.

The Chief of Regulations and Permits Comission Mohammad Ahmad Darwish noted, “This creates competitiveness among the new private schools within Dubai. Private schools then present special packages and promotional offers to attract parents of new and existing students and to occupy the highest rate of seats available. The offers include attractive instalment packages and discounts for families that have more than one child in the same school. As a result, parents benefit from the competition created among private schools in Dubai.”

The positive increase in Dubai’s private educational offerings is an ongoing trend. The population of Dubai has been increasing as Emiratis flock to the city to provide their children with better educations and expatriates move in and out for business. This growth, and the successful bid to house the Expo 2020 has brought a new wave of investors. The KHDA is currently reviewing over 60 applications for the establishment of new private schools in the city.

“In order to establish the best available educational opportunities for Dubai’s private education sector, we used a variety of channels to communicate with more than 200 investors and education providers inside and outside the UAE. This has helped in obtaining international school branches within Dubai and, once again, adds to the choice of curriculums for parents to choose from,” said the Execute Director of Education Development Kalthoom Al Beloushi.

Dubai is an increasingly global city attracting the best in every industry, which includes their diverse educational opportunities.