10 Haute Summer Grooming Tips for Men

Most skincare guides and needs are geared towards women, but what about men? Haute Living sat down with Dr. Judith Hellman to give us her top 10 summer grooming tips for men.

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Lose The Hairy Back, Please
Get rid of excess body hair (back, chest, shoulders, ears) with laser hair removal. The treatment is easy and provides four to six weeks of smooth, hairless  physique. A series of treatments will result in a hair-free existence over time.

Keep The Tootsies Clean
It’s neither attractive nor good social habit to walk around with toe nail fungus. The quickest remedy is the Pulse Dye Laser (PDL) along with topical and/ or oral medications. After eliminating nail fungus and its evil twin, athletes’ foot, wear sandals in public spaces. This will also help prevent warts and viral conditions.

Ban Sweat Stains
Underarm sweating is an embarrassing, especially when aggravated by the summer heat. Botox treatments are very effective and last for six to eight months. While at it, consider treating the frown lines to achieve a suave summer smile.

Unclog The Pores
Clogged pores and summer heat can cause little red bumps on the face and the trunk. Topical prescriptions can help. And Hellman’s specially formulated GlySal treatment pads keep the pores open and the sebaceous glands unclogged.

Protect Your Skin
Use a UVA/UVB SPF 50 sunscreen, on face and body to stave off aging, brown spots, and scars resulting from the surgical treatment of skin cancers. Restore the skin with a daily moisturizing and antioxidant cream.

Watch the Citrus
Careful with fragrance and drinks with lime!  Both interact with the sun and can cause nasty photo-allergic reactions.

Don’t Be Yeasty
Heat and humidity increase yeast on the skin, resulting in brown, beige or whitish spots, usually on the trunk. The condition is known as Tinea Versicolor. OTC Selsun Blue, applied to the skin for 20 minutes for two weeks, can treat it. The skin will return to its normal color when exposed to sunlight.

Sad Ink is Sad
Tattoo removal. Get rid of those old irrelevant tats with lasers. Who needs the name of an old ex on their body?

No One Loves Your Love Handles
Lose the love handles. Dr. Hellman’s BodyFX system is radiofrequency coupled with vacuum. Tiny holes poked into the fat cell walls cause them to wither away naturally. No worries about a sudden release of fat after treatment. As a bonus, the skin gets tighter as the fat disappears.

Tighten Up Without The Gym
Tighten wrinkly arms and stomachs. Even well toned men benefit from Dr. Hellman’s Forma Plus, a no downtime way to lose the accordion look when an otherwise in- shape man bends forward.

For more information from Dr. Hellman visit her website: http://www.bigappleskin.com/