Tadashi Shoji’s Desktop Essentials

Tadashi Shoji
Tadashi Shoji

Believe it or not, but respected fashion designer Tadashi Shoji, the founder and chief designer of the Tadashi Shoji collection, didn’t realize he wanted  a career in fashion until he moved to LA. True, the Japanese-born designer did begin painting and drawing from a young age and he did have an apprenticeship with famous Japanese artist Jiro Takamatsu, who is credited with paving the way for the modern art movement in Japan during the sixties, but clothing was not in the cards. After moving to Los Angeles in the seventies and earning a degree in fashion design, he quickly climbed the sartorial ranks until launching his own line in 1982. For the next 25 years, the brand continued to thrive and in 2007, Tadashi debuted his higher-end runway collection at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews. In 2013, to mark his 30th anniversary as a designer, Tadashi released a capsule collection inspired by his most sought-after pieces. Today, the Tadashi Shoji collection is globally recognized and loved by devoted women ranging from busy working mothers to red carpet gracing celebrities. With his original designs and innovative collections, women regardless of shape or size are inspired to showcase their beauty and walk with confidence. Here is a look at where this inspiring fashion designer creates his master collections.

Tadashi Shoji desk

1. Picture of Mischa (cat)

My dear friend who is a photographer that I’ve known for many years took the picture of Mischa and he framed it for me to put on my desk.

2. iPad

My iPad is one item that I cannot live without. Whether it is on my desk or throughout my travels, my iPad never leaves my side. I frequently use it to check email or the latest articles on my favorite sites including the New York Times or Business of Fashion as well as catch up on the latest shows and movies when I am traveling.

3. Green Tea

I do not drink coffee but prefer a hot cup of Green Tea before a start to a long day.

4. Feather Pen

I’ve been known to misplace my pens. They are nowhere to be found so I decided to fasten the large feather to it. Ever since, I’ve never misplaced it.

5. Prismacolor Markers

Whether it is sketching a red carpet gown or dreaming up the latest styles for the runway collection, Prisma markers are one of the essential tools I use to add color and depth to all of my drawings. You can always find these in a range of colors on or close by my desk.