Pearly Whites: 10 Presidential Hopefuls Ranked for Their Smiles

In recent studies, 81 percent of people think the smile is the most important feature of one’s facial appearance. This is why we asked Supersmile DDS Ambassador Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS to rank from worst to best the top 10 presidential hopefuls smiles. Here are the results!


10. Ted Cruz (R)

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressPhoto Credit: FacebookCruz clearly hides his teeth, which takes away all sincerity from his smile. He loses all appeal, trustworthy and believable marks because it feels so forced and he’s got thin lips, practically cake-topping his downfall as a hopeful winner.”

9. Bernie Sanders (D)

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004

Photo Credit: Wikipedia“Showing such a tight lipped smile seems like it is forced and not true, that’s unfortunately the first thing we notice about Sanders’ smile. It lacks charisma, authenticity and believability and it looks like he could use a Supersmile Quikee to make sure his hair and his teeth are both a nice white color.”

8. Rick Santorum (R)

Rick_Santorum_by_Gage_Skidmore_8Photo Credit: WikipediaSantorum has a high smile line and shows a lot of teeth. This actually makes him seem affable and appealing, even though it doesn’t come across sincere or convincing. He also has a little bit of a thin-lipped look going on, but he still looks believable.”

7. Chris Christie (R)
Chris Chisitie
“The size and shape of Christie’s teeth are okay. As you can see, he has large front teeth and a narrow arch. He comes across earnest and poised but not trustworthy. Even though his teeth are white, his lips are thin which don’t make him appear to be a winner.”
6. Donald Trump (R)

Donald Trump

“Like many things we have come to learn about Donald Trump, his smile is almost too white and “artificial” looking to be believable (kind of like the rest of him). While it does still read to be alluring and nice and white, he doesn’t have any convincing pull with his thin lips.”

5. Rand Paul (R)

Rand Paul

Paul is not caught smiling often at all, but when he is, he seems sincere. He shows some charisma and looks believable, making him a winner, even though he does show slight diastema (gapping between two teeth).”

4. Scott Walker (R)

Governor_Scott_Walker_of_Wisconsin_at_Southern_Republican_Leadership_Conference_in_Oklahoma_City,_OK_May_2015_by_Michael_Vadon_24Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Walker comes across as the trifecta; heartfelt, charismatic and credible. He could be a contender against Rubio for the winning Republican seat but he does have a very large, ‘goofy’ smile that might be believable just as much as it is distracting.”

3. Jeb Bush (R)

Jeb Bush“He has a nice, masculine smile that compliments his face. Bush only shows his upper teeth and appears to have a large lower lip but he comes across real, magnetic and honest. Overall, he looks believable, he could be a winner, even though his pearly whites aren’t so white.”

2. Hillary Clinton

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropPhoto Credit: WikipediaClinton has a large, broad smile but the shape of her teeth feel a little masculine. She still comes across poised and believable on the surface, but it doesn’t score her any heartfelt or authoritative points. Luckily, her lips are full (in comparison to her thin-lipped competition), so she is still a contending winner.”

1. Marco Rubio (R)

Official PortraitPhoto Credit: WikipediaRubio has a stand out smile as a winner among his opponents. His smile conveys that he is forthright, charismatic, sensible and believable. It also fits his face and feels very masculine. He has the most normal looking smile.”

Marco Rubio wins the presidential smile showdown due to his charisma and likeability. Fortunately for Ted Cruz and his fellow hopefuls towards the end of the list, there is a lot more to consider when voting for a possible future candidate than a charming smile.