How W Hotels’ Insiders Are Changing the Luxury Concierge Game

Luxury hotels offer an array of amenities that spoil their guests with everything from gourmet room service to the best in relaxation and meditation at a soothing spa. However, what really puts a hotel over the top in luxury and customer service is their connections to the best clubs, restaurants, and stores.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has an exclusive service for the guests that stay in their posh W Hotels. The haute W Insiders are specific to the W Hotels and tailor every guest’s experience to perfection.

A W Insider is W’s version of a concierge and a key position at each and every one of W Hotels worldwide. The biggest difference between W Insiders and concierges is the network of connections each Insider or concierge has. A concierge can make a call and get you a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant, but an Insider knows the chef and can set up a delectable private tasting.

Insiders are ‘in-the-know’ tastemakers who provide high luxury experiences to their guests.  Different from the average hotel concierge, these global trendsetters are renowned for their intimate knowledge of their city, as well as their influential connections. Also, while traditional concierges are usually bound to their desks, W Insiders mix and mingle with guests in the lobby, by the pool, at the bar, anywhere their service may be desired. They always have their smart phone in hand and tablet in tow to respond to guests’ requests and connect them to what’s hot in town.

who3126lo.133390_xxPhoto Credit: W Guangzhou

NBA Star Lebron James was staying at the W Guangzhou in China while on tour with Nike when the W Insider of the W Guangzhou decided to show him just what the W Hotel had to offer. The W Insider reached out to his contacts and placed a 24/7 DJ in James’ EWOW, or presidential, suite. James instagrammed a video of his exclusive experience and then again eight hours late while the DJ was still playing.

living-roomPhoto Credit: W Hollywood

And it isn’t just celebrities and athletes who get the one of a kind service from the Insiders. A regular guest at W Hollywood was in a bind one Friday night when he didn’t pack the particular attire needed for his trip. He found Chris Nelson, the W Insider of the plush hotel, and asked Nelson to buy him clothes that matched what Nelson was wearing that day. Nelson made a call to his favorite store and had them open up hours after closing in order to fulfill the guest’s wish and purchase a full wardrobe for the night.

Whether you want entertainment, a delicious and exclusive dinner at a restaurant that is impossible to get reservations at, or a full wardrobe in the matter of hours, W Insiders have the connections and passion for service that will tailor your haute stay at one of the several luxury destinations W Hotels offer.