Haute 100 Update: See Pharrell Williams in Adidas’ New ‘Original Superstar’ Film

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On Thursday, adidas Originals rolled out a star-studded campaign that presents the next wave of influencers.

The short film stars Pharrell Williams, who worked with agency Johannes Leonardo, to bring attention to five new budding artists from the brand’s global markets such as hip-hop artists Pusha T, Russian actor and director Grigoriy Dobrygin, Japanese jewelry designer Yoon, Chinese visual artist VJ Mian and Mexican illustrator Smith

In a social media frenzy world dominated by how many likes one receives, the aforementioned artists debunk the idea of creating to gain approval by the masses. All of the influencers say in the film that they create for themselves and for an audience of one. According to the brand, that is what deems all six creatives a true and original superstar.

The 60-second video is the latest installment to a year-long global campaign that launched in January to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Originals’ most iconic and one of its best-selling products. The three stripes’ Superstar sneaker was released in 1969.

The video was directed by Patrick Clair, who has also worked on HBO’s “True Detective,” AMCs “Halt and Catch Fire” and Marvel’s “Daredevil.” Emerging photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath also worked on the project.

In a statement, Ferdinando Verderi, creative director at Johannes Leonardo, said, “We started the campaign with people that the whole world acknowledges as the ultimate superstars because we needed qualified people to say that a superstar is not what they think it is. Now we want to empower the next generation and show the world there’s a whole new generation of creators.”

In addition, Pharrell has recently launched the new Supershell Sculpted collection with the brand. The Grammy award winner collaborated with  NYC contemporary artist Todd James, acclaimed Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and Japanese contemporary artist Mr.

All of the aforementioned artists channeled their creations into specially-molded 3D Shelltoe designs, a first for the Superstar silhouette. The series is then completed by two of Pharrell’s personal designs.

Check out the #OriginalSuperstar video:

(Photo via Instagram)