Haute 100 NYC: Maria Bartiromo to Lead Panel at America’s Conference

xxx-maria-bartiromo08Veteran business journalist Maria Bartiromo will lead a panel discussion at the forthcoming Biennial of the America’s Conference.

Bartiromo will moderate the “Business NOW!”  Symposium. Panelists include president and CEO of Liberty Global Inc., and Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. Other panelist joining the discussion are José Manuel Carrera Panizzo, director for infrastructure and new business ventures at Pemex; Graciela Chichilnisky, CEO of Global Thermostat; and Alicia Lebrija Hirschfeld, presidente ejecutiva of Televisa Foundation, an organization that helps Latino children maintain their cultural heritage.

The symposium will seek the next big idea for trade in the Americas, exploring the strategies, tools and policies that can jumpstart business growth in the hemisphere.  This will be the first time Bartiromo has the opportunity to sit down with capitalists and conservationists.

In an interview with the Denver Business Journal, the Fox Business Network anchor said, “This is going to yield some good ideas and opportunities to grow, but not at the expense of the environment. We have to grow and we have to open up markets in the economy—the U.S. is growing 2 percent. Companies need to find windows. But how do you grow? This is an opportunity for the world to see that it can be done — and not just to make money, but to also ensure that we are living in a sustainable world.”

This will be the third edition of the Biennial of the America’s Conference, which will take place July 14th through the 18th in downtown Denver, Colorado.

The weeklong conference are structured around the topics of importance to the Americas such as trade, environment, education, community and culture.

In addition to the symposium series, there are a number of free public festivals as well as art and cultural celebrations.

“We look forward to hosting another year of world-class talent and thought leaders from throughout the Americas in this year’s Biennial of the Americas,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. “These leaders will bring more than 25 different countries together to create a unique opportunity for patrons and speakers alike to discuss, question and work toward solutions that are affecting the Americas NOW!”

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(Photo via Shutterstock)