Find Utopia: Learn How You Can Own This Ultra-Luxe Yacht

Utopia 3 Back SideThe secret to attaining the finer things in life is having the right amount of ambition. That’s the philosophy of Internet marketing mogul JR Ridinger. The self-made man has helped himself and countless others achieve their American dreams. Now, with his sights set on something even grander, the intrepid businessman is selling his beloved yacht, the Utopia III.

The massive Utopia III has served as the cornerstone of Ridinger’s empire. The vessel has played host to numerous haute celebrity parties and business functions over the years, and features an elegant sky lounge, beautiful dining room, and spacious aft and sun decks. The yacht also boasts wonderful and spacious guest accommodations.

The ship is a true work of art, and has been kept in pristine condition over its years of service.

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Check out a video of the yacht below: