Check Out The Gambling Theme At Chanel’s Haute Couture Show

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In July Paris is a buzz with the Haute couture shows which bring in the wealthiest clients and interested and gushing press legions. Its the grandest and most selective of fashion show seasons with all looks made to order and hand sewn the old fashioned way—with minions of skilled sewers who will fit clients (in the desired look) like a glove. Officially a garment can only be called Haute Couture if it is made in a Paris design studio with an officially sanctioned designer by a French governing body. It’s all very official— the French love their tradition.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Haute Couture for the House of Chanel is always theatrical jaunt and he spares no expense entertaining the fashion followers. Yesterday was no exception with the Grand Palais rigged to look like a Monte Carlo casino complete with chic roulette, poker tables and gambling machines which lined the perimeter of the room.

Kristin Stewart was the first of the front row celebs to walk out. Although she wasn’t an official part of the runway she certainly was part of the show. She was followed by Lagerfeld devotees and regular front row darlings, Rita Ora, Stella Tenant, and Julianne Moore who sashayed to their seats after a grand entrance.

The actual looks were fairly sedate— on first glance but upon further inspection the iconic Chanel suit with boxy jacket and tweedy boucle’ fabrication, had a futuristic feel. The materials were quilted and had a unearthly sheen worthy of a space suit. As the looks progressed there were beautiful evening dresses some with 3D flowers, asymetric hems boxy jackets looked very 80’s Blade Runner. Models all had strong eyebrows,red lips and hair was done up in a severe bob.

The gaming tables were run by handsomely dressed men in black suits with white shirts— very Lagerfeld-esque. 

In an interview with’s Tim Blanks, Karl reveals, ” I gamble with collections more than ever,” he says cryptically. ” I always tell myself, you can do better, You’re lazy. You can make the effort,” he says. This searching and desire to top himself every season, every show is what keeps Chanel one of the top names in fashion and luxury. We all can’t get enough Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. 

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