BIONOVA Partners With Barneys to Provide Customized Beauty Solutions

BIONOVA, sold exclusively at Barneys, can help you achieve your skincare goals, no matter what they are.

BIONOVA approaches skincare in a different way than many other brands: They think of the skin as an organ and not a beauty concern. Treatments focus on ingredients naturally found in the body to fix problems from within.

“We are replacing what the skin naturally produces, but is missing. We are treating the source of the condition,” marketing director for BIONOVA, Nana Danielov, said. “Instead of using fillers, we help the skin regrow.”The most popular products from BIONOVA are the face cleansers, that include formulas meant for oily, neutral, and dry skin and the Acne + Scar Treatment; however, BIONOVA’s hidden gem is its customizable skin treatment.

“Not one formulation will work for everyone. You are unique and so is your product,” Danielov said. “The product will fit you.”

The N1 custom is the treatment care that is completely customized and made by the client and for the client. The chance of one skin being repeated for someone else is one in 60 million according to Danielov.

8- BIO 1 ACTPhoto Credit: BIONOVA


Acne CleanserPhoto Credit: BIONOVA


3-1 INPhoto Credit: BIONOVA

After completing a questionnaire online at, (expect questions about gender, age, skin issues, etc.) a cream is made especially for you and shipped within 48 hours. This cream has your name on the bottle, because no one else has the skin you do or the skin treatment needs you do.

One of the best features of BIONOVA’s customizable skincare collection is that there is a guarantee attached to the product. After using the product for two weeks and aren’t fully satisfied with the product, BIONOVA will reformulate the product free of charge with their reassessment of your skincare needs. This luxury skincare line varying in price from $200 to $700 dollars, depending on the skincare needs and desires of the client.