Alexa Chung Collaborates with AG Jeans

British model, presenter and all-round fashion icon Alexa Chung has just launched her second and final capsule collection for AG Jeans. Chung had already dropped a collection for the brand earlier this year and has now revealed her efforts for the Fall/Winter collaboration.

“I think the creative process for this collection took longer, because I had to think of ways to advance the collection,” said Chung. “The first one, I knew very specifically the pieces I wanted, but this was more about designing for others, not just myself. A lot of the images I was looking at were of male gangs in films like ‘Badlands’ so I had this vibe of teenage unrest and juvenile delinquents. Now that the Internet has made things too homogenized I was harkening back to an era when gangs and subcultures could really incubate. What would happen if a gang of friends was all dressing alike?” she continued, citing her inspiration and ideas about the pieces. Retailing between $98 to $1,258, the items are now all available to buy in-store and include denim jumpsuits, T-shirts, slouchy sweaters and other key pieces in the 41-set collection. Some of the items have even been reported to have sold out in some locations. Chung herself celebrated the launch of the collection with her closest pals, including Harley Viera-Newton, Pixie Geldof, Alia Penner, Sarah Walker, Remi Nicole and Matte Babel at the Ron Herman boutique, followed by dinner at Petit Trois. “I was really impressed by their business, [including] collaborations they had done before and the way they source their denim. Starting a fashion line is something I want to do and I thought this was an opportunity to get a free education,” said Chung of her reasons for wanting to collaborate with AG Jeans.

Whe she’s not busy putting her design talents to good use, Chung has her hands full being a cover girl. Last month, she celebrated bagging a fourth campaign for Longchamp in New York’s Meatpacking District with the brand’s CEO Jean Cassegrain, creative director Sophie Delafontaine,Tennessee Thomas, Atlanta de Cadenet, Mia Moretti and Derek Blasberg. “It was so fun, but we shot [the campaign] a few months ago,” Chung said to Fasionista at at the celebratory event. “It was boiling hot and we were doing the full collection, which was like a mohair roll neck and leather pants and leather jacket. I think Sophie [Delafontaine] chose it to really test my dedication to Longchamp.”