4 Ways For the Entire Family to Slim Down at the Beach

Sometimes exercising in the summer can be the last thing on our minds. There is so much to do and see, like trying out that restaurant that has an amazing outdoor patio to eat on or lay on the beach with your family, that being fit isn’t even on your radar.


So why not try a new workout this summer that can put you on the beach with your family and get you in shape to wear that haute bikini you’ve been wanting to wear? Now is your chance to do just that!

FLYAROO Fitness co-founder, Ethel Baumberg, has put together a workout routine that is fun and easy for everyone and that are perfect for the beach.

  1. Surfer – while holding a plank position, push up off the sand and jump into a squat position pretending you’re on surfboard and back down into a plank. Squeeze your gluts as you jump up.
  2. Sand Shark – while holding a plank, bring one knee to the opposite elbow and switch.
  3. Palm Tree – bring right foot and place it alongside your calf. Bring your hands to your chest and hold for five deep breaths.
  4. Flying Turtle – with your arms crossed over your chest and feet shoulder with apart, squat down slowly then jump straight up in the air as high as you can go.


Exercising on the beach is more effective and better for your body than a firm surface according to the Journal of Strength Conditioning and Resistance. Working out on the soft sand can improve your coordination and balance, and works your core, back and shoulders since your body is constantly shifting.

“At FLYAROO Fitness we are constantly using our imagination to bring themes to life. This is fun for adults and children, not to mention, the mind is a very important muscle that must be worked every day. Here are four of our favorite beach moves,” Baumberg said.

These exercises are for both adults and children and since summertime is in full swing, many families are hitting the nearby beach. Instead of sitting on the beach chair soaking up the sun and perfecting your tan, grab your kids and do these four moves, and cool off with a swim in the water.