Willow Smith The New Face of Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter Collection

Willow Smith, most known for her single “Whip My Hair” that debuted in 2011 and for her music and performances all around the world, has added another title to her resume: model. Ms.Smith is the new face for Marc Jacobs’ new ad campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.58.13 PMPhoto Credit: (themarcjacobs Instagram)

Marc Jacobs, who revealed Cher as one of the faces of his new collection on May 27th, revealed Willow Smith as the second face of his fall-winter 2015 collection by sharing a stunning, gothic inspired photo of Smith on his Instagram account. Along with the photo, taken by photographer David Sims, Jacobs added a heartfelt lineup of his past models and collaborations including Dakota Fanning, Winona Ryder, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss, among many others.

Smith already conquered the worlds of music and street fashion and is moving on to the next level by being a fashion icon. Smith and Jacobs together are the unique team that no one expected, but hopelessly adore.

1016398_616995695020116_569014385_nPhoto Credit: (Willow Smith Facebook Page)

The “talented, stylish, and charming” Smith, as Jacobs complimented her in his picture’s description, illuminates the idea that age really is just a number. At just 14, she is the definition of steampunk grace in Marc Jacobs’ campaign.

Like the powerful women and men before her, Smith has her own unique voice that made her stand out in the entertainment industry; her daringness in fashion made her determination in being herself made her stand out to Jacobs.

When the high-fashion designer spoke about the people he chose to be the faces of his numerous successful campaign launches, including Willow Smith, he said, “It is those individuals whose creativity, unique vision, and voice inspire all of us here to create and express ourselves through our medium: fashion.”