The Leica M Monochrom Takes First Digital B&W Photos Ever

Leica M Monochrom
Leica M Monochrom

As the next step in its highly successful black-and-white photography concept for the Leica M rangefinder camera system, Leica Camera introduces the new Leica M Monochrom (Type 246). The camera is the first and only camera that enables a real black and white image, either still or moving, without the aid of image processing or filtering. It was released last month.

“With never-before-seen imaging performance, outstanding low-light capabilities, and richness of detail, the new Leica M Monochrom surpasses the high standards set by its predecessor,” said Roland Wolff, VP of Marketing and Corporate Retail for Leica. “At the same time, it keeps its primary aim sharply in focus: black-and-white images with top quality across the board.”

Due to a 2GB-buffer memory and a Leica Maestro processor, the new Leica M Chronogram captures sequences three times faster than its technological predecessor. The processor allows you to check your images extremely fast in review mode, always beneficial when on a busy shoot.

The Leica M Monochrom follows the successful route taken by the Leica M and captures decisive moments with 24-megapixel resolution. No matter what the sensitivity settings are (up to ISO 25000), the monochrome CMOS sensor producer creates amazingly sharp pictures. As the M Monochrom has no color filter, it doesn’t need any interpolation for the calculation of luminance values. The result is 100 percent sharper images with detail contrast that exceeds what color cameras could ever do.

If you are looking for more than beautiful black and white photographs, how does shooting black and white video sound? Not even Hitchcock films look this sharp, as the Leica M Monochrom can capture high-quality full-HD video in black and white. The optional Leica microphone adapter set, comprising an adapter and a stereo microphone, ensures perfect sound. The high-resolution 3″ monitor with 921,600 pixels ensures that photographers have complete control of composition, exposure, focusing, and depth of field. Fancy youtself the new Orson Welles? Maybe not, but you will enjoy this camera feature.

The Live View function provides two focusing methods giving you unparalleled control: up to 10x magnification of Live View Zoom mode, enabling full control of the sharpness of details in the image or the monitor or the closest focusing distance.