Should Women Shave Their Face? Celebrity Facialist Kate Somerville Think So

woman shaving

Shaving facial hair as been largely associated with male grooming, but could shaving your face become unisex?

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville has been removing her facial hair since she was in her mid 20s. Shaving or dermaplaning, which is the technically term for the act, is a great way for women to deeply exfoliate and get rid of the hair. Somerville is the founder of the renowned Skin Health Experts Clinic and author of Complexion Perfection. Her clients include Jessica Alba, who was recently name one of America’s self-made millionaire by Forbes magazine.

We know what you’re thinking: another area I have to remove hair. However, Somerville strongly recommends getting rid of your peach fuzz. Here’s what she had to say.

First and foremost, why should women shave their facial hairs? What are the benefits?
I have been dermaplaning since my mid to late 20s (I can’t wax because I have eczema), and was one of the first to implement dermaplaning at my Clinic.  My Skin Health Experts Clinic offers dermaplaning that can be added to any treatment for $55.

Shaving/dermaplaning is a great way to deeply exfoliate and get rid of hair.

What beauty products should women shave with?
If you’re not able to see a professional, I recommend you use a razor and shave once a week all over face (morning or night).  Use a cleanser instead of a shave cream.

Is there a particular cleanser or shaving cream that you suggest?
I lather on my Gentle Daily Wash first and then shave.  I don’t like shaving creams because they contain alcohol and menthol that can irritate that skin.  Men have thicker, coarser hair so they need those stronger ingredients to soften hair and create that slip, whereas women have more delicate skin and finer hair.

Would you suggest those same products for women who have sensitive skin?
If you’re sensitive, you should see a professional first to ensure you don’t have a reaction.  At home, look for a viscous cleanser or serum (l love my Quench Hydrating Face Serum) to create a slip for the razor to easily glide.

Should women remove their hairs at home?
I really encourage women to see a professional as you get a deeper exfoliation with dermaplaning versus shaving at home. Dermaplaning uses a sharper blade and more pressure is applied.  Acetone is also applied prior to get skin dry – resulting in more layers of skin exfoliated.

If you are shaving at home, love the AXE Sensitive razor.  It has lubricated strips to reduce irritation.
How do women avoid those ungodly razor bumps and scaring?

Hair on the face is much finer than hair on your body; so you won’t need to apply as much pressure as you do with your legs or underarms (less risk of scaring or razor bumps). Make sure you are extremely careful and gentle.  Go slow, especially if you’re a beginner.

Most women do not shave their facial hair fearing it will grow back thicker, more visible and it will be something they now have to continue to do, is this true?
A lot of my clients get nervous that their hair will grow back thicker, but it won’t.  Hormones are the only things that change hair growth.  Hair will grow back the same color and thickness it was before.  I recommend shaving once a week for maintenance.  If you see a professional, dermaplane every four to six weeks.

If you had to convince someone in three sentences or less why women should try this beauty secret what would you say?
It’s a great way to exfoliate on a deeper level and remove peach fuzz (which all women have).  Makeup goes on smoother and you will get better results from products and treatments used after, as they can penetrate deeper.

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