Kim Kardashian Announces Makeup Master Class in LA

Kim Kardashian West, known for her reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and her countless pictures featuring her curves and incredible makeup applying skills, is charging fans roughly $800 to attend her makeup master class.

shutterstock_108931388Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The reality star has allowed her fans the chance of attending a four-hour lesson from her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, and herself for $799 when she comes in as a guest in Dedivanovic’s master class in July of 2015. However, later, Kim came out saying that a cheaper batch of tickets costing around $299 would be available for people to purchase.

Kim went to Twitter account to announce her exciting news, saying, “Make Up Class Alert Mario & I will be in LA July 25th to share all of our make up tricks & beauty routine!”

Along with getting a one of a kind experience in the art of contouring your face and other essential makeup tips, attendees should expect a goody bag worth $1000. One of the best perks is getting the chance to spend the day with Kim and Mario as well as the opportunity to get a photograph with the fabulous makeup duo.

Kim also announced that she would be posting her own makeup tutorials on her website that will launch this summer. She took to Twitter on June 11th for this announcement.

“I’m shooting a make up tutorial today that will post on my new website when it launches this summer. Going to have tons of tutorials!”

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Kim then added a minute later, “Hair and makeup tutorials! My sisters are launching their new websites too! Everyone’s will be so different and so interactive! I can’t wait!”

We don’t know which we are more excited for, her master class or her makeup tutorials! Either way, she will be taking over the makeup world soon enough. Get ready for a whirl of contouring, perfect lip shades, and mascara for days.