Father’s Day Gifts: Custom-Made Salvatore Ferragamo Ties


Italian fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo has been narrowing its focus on ties as the symbol of modern masculinity. As a result, Ferragamo has announced an exclusive made-to-order for its best-selling menswear accessory—the tie.

From mid-May a variety of boutiques worldwide will be offering the tailor-made variation of the Ferragamo tie. Individuals will be able to customize their ties in a range of sizes, fabrics, colors and a number of combinations. In addition, customers can opt to have up to three initials stitched to the underside of the tie.


The customizable Ties MTO (made-to-order) was created to meet the needs of the Ferragamo’s clientele and to suit each individual’s unique style. The project was also created to provide men the opportunity to make their wardrobe even more exclusive with every intricate detail.


In addition to its Ties MTO, last month the Italian brand released a series of video titled “Tie Story.” The four videos, which were shot by French filmmaker photographer Jean Claude Thibaut, is “an exploration of true personality tied to everyday life.”

In one of the videos titled “Your Own Way,” two men are in the barber shop. One man is seen only shaving the sides of his head. His friend jokes he wouldn’t have opted for that particular haircut. However, he does believe the cut fits his tie in a “quirky contrast.”

In another video titled “The Gentleman Upstairs Legacy,” three men are seen eating dinner. The conversation focus on the realization that two of the older men never allows a day to go by when they do not wear a tie, while the younger man admits he does not wear one. The young man also tells his companions his boss gifted him with a tie and viewers watch as his older companions laugh and teac h him how to tie a knot the old fashion way.

Throughout its social media handles, Ferragamo shares images from the campaign with the sentence, “The staple for a truly modern gentleman’s wardrobe.”

The videos are in Italian with English subtitles. Watch two of the installments below.

(Photos via Salvatore Ferragamo