Why You Should Rock the MINI Surfboard This Summer


The MINI brand, a line of small, punchy vehicles, have developed ardent following over their nearly 60 years on the road. Now, the iconic car brand is bringing its design philosophy to water.

MINI recently unveiled a MINI-designed surfboard, which shares a lot of characteristics to its on-road cousin. Pro Surfer Kalani Robb, who also happens to be a fan of MINI vehicles, desired “a board that would give me as much fun on the water as my MINI does on the road.” MINI’s head of exterior design, Christopher Weil brought Robb’s ideal surfboard to life by working with Channel Islands, a California surfboard maker.


The resulting board mirrors many of the characteristics of the line of MINI vehicles. The MINI surfboard has been described as short, nimble and extremely sporty. Kalani Robb, who got the chance to put the new board through its paces on the water, said “to create this agile and fast feeling we have developed a board with a bit more volume. The outline and low rocker make the board surf fast.”

The MINI-designed surfboard is available in both Chili Red or Black Rally Stripes. The board can also be customized in various color schemes and racing stripes. The board will be available for $811 in select locations and on the web at the Channel Islands Online store.

(Via Torque and Autoevolution)