London: The Rib Room Bar Has General Election Cocktails

With the UK general election on 7 May looming, the expert mixologists at The Rib Room Bar in Knightsbridge have created five ‘election’ cocktails fitting each political flavour.

Each of the expertly crafted cocktails offers a distinct taste which fits perfectly with the personality of its political party and are available now until 8 May. Take your pick from:

Left Field (Labour)
Play it left-wing with this crimson cocktail consisting of a base of Campari, blended with the citrus flavours of Grand Marnier and fresh lemon juice, and balanced with a dash of Grenadine syrup.

Third Party (Lib Dems)
Fans of the third party can try this sweet concoction. Yellow in colour like the Liberal Democrats, the cocktail consists of malt whisky Glenfiddich, Chenin blanc wine, lightly flavoured with apple juice, sugar syrup and topped off with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

True Blue (Conservative)
Or go Tory with this blue beverage made up of the floral flavour of Bombay Sapphire Gin, the citrus tang of Blue Curacao, and finished with fresh lemon juice and an egg white. Served in a Martini glass for extra class.

Naughty Nigel (UKIP)
Just like UKIP, this cocktail offers plenty of punch with the flavours of Plymouth gin and Creme de Violette mixed with fruity Damson vodka, zesty lemon juice and finished off with an egg white and an orange twist.

The Common Good (Green)
Supporters of the eco-friendly Green Party will love this fruity creation, consisting of Finlandia vodka, the musk-melon flavour of Midori, apple liqueur and fresh lime juice.