Take Glamping Anywhere With Lotus Belle Tents


As you begin to make your summer plans, consider an ultra-luxe camping, festival or traveling experience with the help of Lotus Belle Tents.

Lotus Belle Tents manufactures luxury camping, also known as glamping, tents. The tents are available in two sizes. You can opt to purchase the 13-foot tent, which is 13 feet in floor diameter, 14.8 at its widest point and 9.8ft high or the 16-foot tent. The 16-foot tent is 16 feet in floor diameter, 18 feet at its widest point and slightly taller at 10.5 feet high. Don’t fret; the tents can easily be transported in a duffle bag.

In addition to all the space you’ll have, the tents are made from high-end material. The high-quality canvases are durable in any weather. According to the site, “We’ve tested the tent in many conditions and heavy showers and inside is dry as a bone.” The site continues, “We left it up recently during a 45 mph storm and the tent was fine. We have had customers report the tent ‘performed like a trooper’ in winds gusting 62 miles per hour.”

While the manufactures suggests reproofing your tent with a suitable canvas treatment following extensive weathering, the tent is treated to withstand mold, mildew, and it is fire resistant. Yes, you can enjoy your smores without worrying you’ll burn your tent down. However, Lotus Bell stress the importance of exercising due diligence.


If you plan to backpack through Europe, become a traveling nomad or settle down somewhere that is not home for an extended period of time, the Lotus Belle Tent is perfect for a semi-permanent arrangement. The site states you can have your tent up for six months a year. However, one of Lotus Belle’s customers disclosed she left her tent up for one whole year and it withstood the time.

It can also make for a perfect guest room for visitors.

The 13-foot Lotus Belle Tent will start at a cool $1,800, while the 16-foot tent will start at $2,250.

(Photos via Lotus Belle Tents)