Selfridges Launches Work It!

Luxury British department store Selfridges have launched their Work It! campaign to help people de-stress from their busy working lives and reclaim their lunch break. Running until mid-June, the program will involve masterclasses, workshops and beauty treatments to help inspire and motivate those stuck in a rut or those simply looking for something to revamp their work day.

“Everything that touches the way our customers live their lives is of interest to us as it influences the way we speak and engage with them. With work being such a huge part of people’s daily concern, we felt that this year, more than any other, the time was ripe for a look at some of the trends that are currently reshaping both the workplace and the retail space and champion ‘me time’ as a way to reclaim a better work-life balance,” said Linda Hewson, Selfridges’ creative director, of the motivation behind the campaign. Busy Londoners, as well as those visiting the Manchester and Birmingham branches of the retailer, will be able to experience express beauty treatments, from manicures to blow dries, that can make the transition from work to after-work cocktails seamless. Others will be able to enjoy Selfridges’ very own version of the lunch-break, where they can feel pampered after which they will be able to take a packed lunch back to their desk.

Delving even deeper into the task of helping people regain their work-life balance, Selfridges has organised a series of events centered around inspiring people and helping them to re-evaluate the idea of ‘work.’ Makerversity’s immersive workshops will show customers how to make beautiful personalised stationary and infographics, while The Talking Shop will present a series of insightful talks from a host of industry insiders if what you really need is some inspiration or a simple nudge in the right direction of achieving your dream.

Hit up Selfridges to check out all the great events on for the next six weeks, or use the hashtag #SelfridgesXWorkit to find out more.