Check Out This Luxe Rail Service Between Cali and Nevada


If you’re traveling from Nevada to California and want an ultra-luxe experience we have the perfect luxury train for you.

Attached to the Amtrak train that travels from Reno to Oakland is a 1958 Pullman railway carriage. The luxury railcar, which is one of the most elegant and lavish private railway carriages available, is operated by Uncommon Journeys, a company that specializes in unique programs featuring both luxury train and ocean liner travel.

For only $195 (one-way), travelers have access to gourmet food, open bar and fresh roses on the table. However, there is also a historical bonus to this luxe experience. This particular route is the original transcontinental railroad that Abraham Lincoln signed into law.

For the nature lovers, you can enjoy a picturesque journey in the Vista Dome Streamliner railcars. It features a glass dome on the top so passengers can relish in the 360-degree views of scenery. Passengers can sit back and enjoy some R&R, all while taking in some fresh air.

Inside VIA Rail’s Vista Dome Streamliner
Inside VIA Rail’s Vista Dome Streamliner

This posh experience is reminiscent of the Golden Age of train travel, when train companies had flagship luxury railcars offering high-end standards of service and amenities to passengers.

In the 1950s, travelers enjoy dinner with a view.
In the 1950s, travelers enjoy dinner with a view.

Uncommon Journeys offers several luxury trips, but is best known for operating three well-known private luxury rail carriages throughout the United States in the Houston, Los Angeles, and City of Angels. There are an assortment of routes a prospective passenger can choose from. Whether it is the grand tour by train and ocean liner from Los Angles or San Diego to Hawaii to the Great Canadian Train Ride, you’ll travel in the most opulent private railway carriages available.

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(Photos via Uncommon Journeys)