Camping Hack: Go Inside This Eco-Lux Portable Hotel Suite


To appeal to the modern traveler, hospitality companies continue to redefine travel and leisure concepts. Welcome the newest travel concept: an eco-friendly portable hotel suite.

Dubbed the DROP, this removable modular hotel room can be positioned anywhere in the world and easily removed without damaging the environment. Drawing inspiration from organic shapes found in wildlife, the idea is that this eco-lux hotel suite will be able to withstand a number of terrains and be transported to remote locations, such as the forests, beaches, mountains and jungles.

Crafted with prefabricated wooden and steel elements, the Drop was specifically designed to have little impact on the environment. The base is elevated from the ground on adjustable steel legs to be flexible in even the most irregular landscapes. The sphere-shaped, transparent windows can be opened bringing guest closer to the outdoors as well as providing travelers with natural ventilation.


The 25 square meter (approximately 269 square feet) mobile suite features a lounge area and a bedroom at night in the same space, a spate bathroom with a toilet shower and bath as well as a wood terrace for outdoor seating.


According to the site, “the aim of Drop eco-hotel is to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism around the world with customers who demand sustainable architecture and a high degree of design.”

The DROP concept recently won a design contest, which was organized by the urban furniture and microarchitecture manufacturer Urban Square, the brand design network O-cults and the architecture office Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. As a result, DROP is now produced by Urban Square, a client of Barcelona-based design studio In-Tenta, and is available in its microarchitecture catalogue.

This convenient eco-lux hotel room is a merge of a caravan and a traditional room. It’s perfect for the modern nomad.

Watch the video below to get a better feel for the Drop.

(Photos via In-Tenta)