Write in Style: Porsche Design Unveils $27,000 Solid Gold Pen




For the majority of us, pens are pretty disposable objects. They’re nigh impossible to keep track of, and you probably have a half-dozen of them swimming around the bottom of you briefcase or shoulder bag as we speak. However, for those with more discerning tastes in writing utensils, Porsche Design has created a fountain pen you definitely don’t want to leave behind at a cafe.

The design house more synonymous with cars than pens recently unveiled the $27,000 P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition fountain pen. The haute writing utensil is crafted out of a single piece of solid 14-carat gold and a 18-carat gold nib. Both combine into what must be a truly luxurious writing experience. The P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition is an update of the P’3135 Solid, a luxury fountain pen released by Porsche two years ago that is crafted from a single piece of solid titanium and features the same 18-carat gold nib featured in the new solid gold variant. The titanium version of the pen only costs $10,000 compared to the $27,000 asking price of the gold version.


Collectors will be happy to hear that each edition of the piece is uniquely customized. The brand’s icon is discreetly engraved on the nib while the limited edition number is laser-etched onto the barrel. The pen comes in a box with a gold-plated limitation tag inscribed with the pen’s individual number.

The P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition is available in a limited run of 11 pieces throughout April.