World Art Dubai: Smashing Success

World Art Dubai is the newest addition to Dubai’s Official Art Season, and organizers billed it as a “unique fusion of art, education and entertainment.” Art lovers, collectors and buyers raved about the event, which featured pieces spanning all genres and artists from four different continents.

Almost 100 artists exhibited pieces at World Art Dubai, which was Dubai’s first to feature “affordable” art. The pieces that were for sale were priced from just a “few hundred dirhams” up to Dh50,000, according to The National. One of the goals of the organizers was to keep the price point of the pieces fairly low.

An artist and his creations at the World Art Dubai Event.
An artist and his creations at the World Art Dubai Event.

It was free to get in, so anyone could enjoy World Art Dubai. Organizers told The National that they wanted to “remove the intimidation factor” that’s often felt at the other art fairs that are part of the city’s Official Art Season. They also called the event “accessible,” signifying how open they wanted it to be. World Art Dubai organizers believe that art should be enjoyed by everyone.

About 60% of the booths at World Art Dubai were galleries, while the other 40% were independent artists. Organizers said the gallery owners welcomed the idea of an “affordable” art fair because it provided them an opportunity to connect with clientele who otherwise may never have set foot in their galleries.

“Some young collectors are daunted by walking into a gallery, whereas a fair, it is a more informal, relaxed environment,” World Art Dubai executive Arjun Verma told The National.

World Art Dubai featured both incredible outdoor and indoor displays at the Dubai World Trade Center.
World Art Dubai featured both incredible outdoor and indoor displays at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Though event organizers wanted to make sure anyone could enjoy World Art Dubai, it certainly didn’t mean that the pieces on display and for sale there weren’t exclusive, chic, innovative and cutting-edge.

One of the more interesting displays at World Art Dubai provided the opportunity to see Berlin-based artist Sasan Saidi in action, transforming a white cube that was eight meters by ten meters into a spectacular art installation. The artist transformed the cube over the four days of the event, making the piece come alive in a way that’s only possible by actually being able to watch the creative process in action.

The cube then held screenings for several documentaries focused on music and art. Among the showings were Let’s Make a Spaceship, a 30-minute documentary about the creation of a spaceship-themed DJ booth, and a film about the non-profit art initiative NoLA Rising.

In addition to work by world-renowned artists at World Art Dubai, even found were rare pieces created by popular celebrities. Actors Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney and Ranbir Kapoor all created pieces as part of the global “Whatever It Takes” campaign. Musicians Phil Collins, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Ozzy Osbourne and Pharrel Williams also created pieces for the campaign, as did Sir Richard Branson and other celebrities.

The pieces were part of the “Whatever It Takes” campaign focus on the future, hope and peace. Along with the collection was the “Peace and Hope Wall,” which was a mural everyone could add their designs to. Actresses Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and Charlize Theron, pop sensation Katy Perry, and supermodel Naomi Campbell all had a hand in creating the original mural.

These are just a small sampling of all that World Art Dubai has to offer. The event ran April 8 through 11 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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