Why You Need to Follow Veuve Clicquot on Tumblr

French champagne brand Veuve Clicquot has expanded its social media presence by rolling out a Tumblr page.

The luxury champagne brand unveiled its new social media page via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to ensure followers did not miss out on the debut of its latest addition. With the integrated option to share photos via Instagram to all social media handles, it only makes sense Veuve Clicquot adds Tumblr to its social media lineup.

The newly created Tumblr page features both a user-generated content section as well as an assortment of hashtags that categorizes the images uploaded to the page. It is organized by four hashtgas #VCPoloClassic, #ClicquotStyle, #VCTasting and #CelebrateClicquot. Under the “Social Gallery” category, there is an option to filter by hashtag. If you choose to filter by hashtag, you will see there is six additional hashtags to categorize your photo. With the appropriate hashtag, enthusiasts of the brand are given the opportunity to share his or her image within the community.

Like many social media pages, Tumblr allows users to share texts, photos, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, mobile devices, desktop and/or email. A user can customize everything from the template to the color scheme. Tumblr is a great addition to any brand that is interested in communicating with the millennial generation. According to a 2013 study conducted by the Pew Research, Tumblr ranks popular among young cohorts between the ages 18-29. Unlike other social media platforms, Tumblr is popular among both men and women. Currently, Tumblr boasts more than 200 million blogs and more than a billion posts. It was also discovered the social media platform includes users of both the low and high-end of the income scale.

The findings above, suggests Tumblr is best suited for the luxury champagne brand. Also, with it being a photo-heavy design, it allows Veuve Clicquot to share content that emphasizes visual content that is easy to share.

In addition, the brand has incorporated an ecommerce link to its Tumblr page. At the bottom of Veuve Clicquot’s Tumblr’s page, followers can easily access a link to purchase products they’ve seen in photos. Followers can also opt to sign up for emails and access Veuve Clicquot’s other social media platforms.

Photos via Veuve Clicquot Tumblr)