The Most Unique Sunnies of 2015

Louis Vuitton, “Sally” Frames, $850

Let’s face it, a fashionable girl needs a sunnie wardrobe, not just one single option. The hottest names in luxury are on to this idea and have created shades in unique materials, patterns, and collaborations so that all your “must have” buttons gets pushed.

Prada used wood to create unique frames with interesting geometric shapes. The price tag— $450,  just don’t leave them in a cab or you’ll hate yourself.

Can’t afford the Chanel tweed suit? Chanel’s latest frame is a riff off their iconic suit with large frames available in a bunch color combos. Price? A sweet $435.

Next up, Fendi asked the French sunglass king, Thierry Lasry, to come up with a capsule collection that brings in an ultra-feminine style with a tad of the 80’s and 90’s.  The price tag for these super-fly Fendi’s are $650.

Lastly, Louis Vuitton golden-glam frames with the price of $850, will keep you undercover and mysterious looking all summer long.

Prada wooden frames $450


Prada wooden frames $450
Chanel Tweed frames $435
Chanel tweed eyewear, $435


Fendi and Thierry Lasry capsule collection, $650
Fendi and Thierry Lasry capsule collection, $650