Feeling Blue: The Best Places To Go For A Little Pick-Me-Up in NYC

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, it’s tempting to stay indoors and binge-watch Netflix—Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and the rest of the gang from Friends are all you need! Even though it’s tough, if you resist the urge to cocoon yourself in blankets, and actually push yourself to leave the apartment, you’ll feel better.

The key, however, is choosing a locale that isn’t riddled with couples, children, or overly-happily people. Somewhere that is lively, yet not packed with tourists. Somewhere that is uplifting, but not in that get-in-touch-with-your-feelings kind of way. Not sure where to go? Don’t worry, Haute Living has rounded up the best places to go for a little pick-me-up in NYC. No alcohol required.

Bite Beauty Lab
174 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
Bite BeautyNow that you’re out and about wearing proper pants—victory!—why not treat yourself to a new lipstick. But skip Sephora. As much fun as it can be to get lost among the aisles and aisles of glosses, stains, and crayons, it’ll also make you want to stab yourself in the eye with one of the tester brushes. Sephora may have every possible type of lipstick, but it’s always crowded. Instead, head to Bite Beauty Lap in Soho to make your own customized lip color in only 30 minutes.

90 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
BKFeel like eating your feelings without sitting solo at a restaurant? Then head to the Brooklyn Flea of food for some light bites and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. This outdoor food festival serves up everything from vegan beet burgers to smoky sausages, and plenty of sweet treats to brighten your mood. Just be sure to bring cash as many of the vendors don’t accept credit cards.

CB I Hate Perfume
318 Maujer Street #3
Brooklyn, NY 11206
perfumeFor a tried and true way to improve your state of mind, smell something with happy memories. Confused? We’ll explain. Our sense of smell is one of the strongest associations to both pleasant and not so pleasant memories—think about it, there’s a reason why your mind goes into over-drive when you catch a whiff of your ex’s cologne. For an instant pick-me-up, head to this local perfumery designed with capturing happy memories (and bottling them!) and select a scent that inspires you—be it the beach, a campfire, or even the first snowfall.

Central Park
Entrances from 59th Street to 110th Street between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West
When your mind feels fuzzy sometimes it can be calming to immerse yourself in nature. However, when you live in a concrete jungle retreating to nature is often easier said than done. Instead of renting a Smart Car and maneuvering through traffic to get upstate, why not just pop on some headphones and take a nice leisurely stroll through Central Park. From the sprawling Ramble to the peaceful Turtle Pond, you’re bound to come across a spot in the 843-acre park that you haven’t been to before.