Dom Perignon Launches Rose Vintage 2004 With a Grand Soire

Last week Dom Perignon feted the launch of their Rose Vintage 2004 at the home-studio of artist, Walter De Maria, in the East Village New York City. The grand soirée pulled out all the stops with an avant-garde cabaret performance directed and produced by Susanne Bartsch with DJ Johnny Dynell. Not to be outdone, there were stilted performers, artistic presentations and light installations. Attendees dressed in festive evening attire included, hoteliers, Sean Macpherson and Vikram Chatwal, socialites, Peter Brand and Harry Brant Jr., and Stella Schnabel. Fashion party go-ers, Nicole Miller, Dennis Basso, and Timo Weiland, were among a prominent list.

The evening was one of many “experiences” and events, taking place all week, which Perignon calls, “Kingdom” to mark the unveiling of the Rose`.“Kravitz Design, a company founded by the musician, Lenny Kravitz, designed “Kingdom”. The artist, Walter de Maria’s home-studio, where the artist created his works in secrecy was an apt setting for this elegant but unusual social happening.  New York’s worlds of fashion, art, and society converged which is sure to create buzz for the new Rose.`

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