7 Strange and Super-Luxe Items for the Uber Rich

From Monaco to the Americas, take a look at some of the most unusual super-luxe items available today.

Luxury Sun Lounger

Designed for the ultimate R&R experience, this lounger created by Remmus turns automatically along with the sun allowing you to enjoy those precious sunny moments without interference. The advanced 3DeA padding technology ensures climate control and maximizes comfort. If the sunrays are beaming extensively and you get too hot, four integrated water sprayers will cool down the air with a pleasant mist. This can be yours for a cool $37,000.

Premium “Ice Aged” Water

Photo via CNN
Photo via CNN

This top quality “ice aged water” is alleged to come from a glacier in the Czech Republic that began melting 15,000 years ago, according to CNN. Ehden, the company that market the water to high-end consumers, says the water was “collected in the depths of the Earth, where the purity has been preserved to this day.”

In addition, there are even specks of 22.5k gold leaf in the bottles.

Black Remix Container Set

Photo via Matter Matters
Photo via Matter Matters

This high-priced container priced at $1,885 is designed for everything that doesn’t fit in the small compartments of one’s desk. You can store papers, drawings, etc.

There is nothing chic about an average Bluetooth. It is prone to ruin one’s attire. However, one company has decided to add a feminine touch to the cellphone accessory.

Sparkling Mystic Crystal Couture Dog Dress

Photo via Etsy

Etsy is also selling a $6,000 puppy couture dress. According to the site, the dress is adorned with more than 4,000 Swarovski crystals in four different sizes. This luxury apparel for your pooch took more than 80 hours of handwork and is available in a variety of colors.

The Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum

Photo via The Billionaire Shop

This super lux vacuum was designed by Lukasz Jemiol, a Polish designer. He has adorned the floor cleaner with 3,730 Swarovski crystals. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is eco-friendly and has been manufactured with recycled products. You can purchase it for a grand €15,000 ($16,294.95).

Andy Warhol Dollar Sign Painting

Photo via Etsy
Photo via Etsy

The unique 1980s artwork will run you a cool $235,000. It is in great condition and, as stated on Etsy, a certificate of authenticity will be included with the vintage item.

A Sapphire Mink Throw

Photo via Billionaire Couture
Photo via Billionaire Couture

Curl up in a 100 percent mink sapphire color blanket. It will only cost you $23,700.

(Featured photo via Remmus)