Where To Get the Best Hamantaschen in NYC

Hamantaschen is a delectable treat that you can enjoy any time of the year, but traditionally, it is made around the Jewish holiday of Purim. The word hamantaschen is derived from two German words: “john” that means poppy seed, and “taschen” that means pockets. Typically, you will see hamantaschen filled with poppy seeds or a type of jam, usually raspberry or apricot. However, in recent years these triangular treats have been taken to the next level with fillings such as smores, Nutella, peanut butter, and much more. Some may be under the impression that great hamantaschen can only be scored at an ultra-kosher shop with a name like Chaim’s Bakery, but that is where they are mistaken. And you definitely don’t have to be Jewish to indulge in some good old hamantaschen! Here are our haute picks:

Breads Bakery
18 East 16 Street
(212) 633-2253

breads 1

Everything that comes out of the ovens at Breads Bakery is basically a must-try, and it always tastes just as good as it looks—if not better. Bread’s serves up many traditional Jewish delicacies such as festive challah, rugelach, and their renowned chocolate babka. Their poppy seed hamantaschen is filled to the brim with the black goodness. Their vanilla chocolate chip with a custard-like filling is unreal as well. Some other flavors you may want to try are chocolate Nutella and apple (pictured above).

Russ & Daughters 
179 East Houston Street
(212) 475-4880


Known for their smoked fish, Russ & Daughters have been around since 1914. Since then, the Russ family has been serving delicious traditional pastries, including hamantaschen seasonally. Typically, the stick to classic flavors such apricot, poppy, and prune. It’s the perfect place to get your bagel with shmeer and lox and some hamantaschen for the road.

Moishe’s Bake Shop
115 2nd Avenue
(212) 505-8555


Moishe’s specializes in kosher baked goods and has been providing them for more than 40 years. They have pastries and breads for every occasion and will likely have any classic treat you’ve been craving. And of course, this old school joint knows their hamantaschen. Best part–it’s served year round! Choose from five flavors: prune, raspberry, apricot, cheese and chocolate, as well as two sizes: as big as your hand or a tad bit smaller.

William Greenberg Desserts
1100 Madison Avenue
(212) 861-1340


This upscale Kosher bakery sells these treats all year long, increasing production near Purim due to popular demand… and we can see why! With just the right amount of gooey filing, these hamantaschen truly melt in your mouth. They are available in a slew of flavors including apricot, cherry, raspberry, poppy, prune, chocolate, and cheese.

Orwasher’s Bakery
308 East 78 Street #1
(212) 288-6569


Although Orwasher’s specializes in bread, which they bake daily in-house, they’re hamantaschen is delicious as well. The fruit filling is so fresh it tastes as if you’re eating the actual fruit whole and their small size makes for easy and somewhat guilt-free enjoyment. Choose between apricot or raspberry, and try their insanely good house-filled donuts while there.