See Salma Hayek’s New Campaign for Luxury Jewelry Brand Pomellato



Right on the heels of becoming a bona fide action heroine in the adventure film Everly, the luminous Salma Hayek is now the new face of Milan jewelry brand Pomellato, according to Latin Times.

The stunning new campaign, which was unveiled during this year’s Milan Fashion Week, features the actress wading in a shallow pool of crystal blue water, adorned with several pieces of Pomellato jewelry. The series was photographed by Los Angeles photographer duo Mert & Marcus, whom Hayek praised saying “I would pay for them to take my picture!”

And while some might cry nepotism since Salma’s husband, François-Henri Pinault, is the chief executive and chairman of Kering, which owns Pomellato, Hayek’s stunning looks prove that she belongs in the spotlight. While promoting the new campaign, Hayek stressed the importance of jewelry in her life. “Jewelry for me can be, if you’re lucky enough, a map of your history. It doesn’t have to be expensive; jewelry marks special moments in time. It speaks about the people that gave it to you, and when and why. When you’re gone, again, if you’re very fortunate and don’t have to sell your jewelry, your jewelry can be left for the next generations,” said the actress.

Salma Hayek also spoke about her appreciation for the jewelry left behind by her grandmother. “Although I don’t like all of the pieces, it doesn’t matter; they’re a part of her and tell the story of her life.” Hayek says that she won’t wait until her own death to share her jewelry with her daughter, Valentina.

Click through the gallery below to see more images from the campaign.