Recover from Winter with Arctic-Based Products from La Prairie and More


Your poor face. Winter really puts it through the paces: dry heat, freezing wind and scalding hot water. Even jetting off to a tropical destination to escape (or in the case of Miamians, off to ski) can take its toll with airplane air and travel stress. To combat this La Prairie came out with their Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal line less than two years ago to help combat aging even in the harshest settings in 2013. It included a Dry Oil and Creme that became instant classics in the line.

Ice Crystal La Prairie

Now, in 2015, they are adding two incredible new products to the line: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream ($225)  and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion ($300) that harness the power of Swiss extremophile plants like Saponaria Pumila and algae. These are plants that flourish in the harshest conditions, including glacial planes in the European Alps. There is even some evidence that Saponaria Pumila survived the Ice Age. Crazy, right?

Saponaria pumila
Saponaria pumila

So you can imagine the fortitude of the products made from these plants, which these two products have in even higher concentration than their predecessors. The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is all that you’d want from a La Prairie. Rich and hydrating, it improves smoothness, dreaded dark circles and protects against the elements. It’s new counterpart, the emulsion, is the perfect drink for your skin, thirsty after a long winter. Get them for yourself here. 


There are other alternative products that utilize ingredients from the Arctic as well, including Skyn’s Arctic Elixir ($60).  The oil is made using pure, pollution-free glacial water, Arctic Cloudberry and Cranberry Seed Oil, which is rich in Omega Fatty acids and is considered a super food of the arctic. It also includes pure molecular oxygen to infuse your skin with energy.


Similarly high altitude Himalayan Raspberry Root has made an appearance in products such as Ahava’s Extreme Day Cream ($75) which is also made from Iclandic Moss, Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae and Tibetan Goji Berries. All of these ingredients can tough out harsh conditions, and the idea is that when you use them, you will be able to too.